Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A week's worth...

  • Elijah is feeling much better.  He's had a few nosebleeds but is taking an oral medication for the bleeding.  We have officially entered the "Terrible Twos."  Actually I'm pretty sure we've been there for a while.  Wish us luck getting through them alive...  I did Elijah's infusion for the first time this week.  I sweated heavily, but I got it in and the nurse was very excited.  Elijah was not particularly impressed.  I don't think he's too thrilled that mom is causing him "owies" now.  I will go to a clinic in May to really learn the ins and outs and hopefully become much better at sticking him.

Beautiful Kansas sunset

  • Here are some pictures of the Spring Break casino trip.  I won $100 on a penny slot, but then I spent it all...
The pictures downloaded in backwards order so start with the room picture and work your way up.

Sue at 11:30 pm

Sue at 7:30 pm

Sue at 5 pm

Hotel room, Tammie and Vanessa

  • Also this week, 2 1/2 years after his birth, I started decorating Elijah's room.  I made these name decorations completely on my own!  I was pretty excited and Elijah even knew that it was his name.

  •   I got some decorations from Uppercase Living which sells sayings and graphics and such that you apply to surfaces.  Here are the items I bought for his room.

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