Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another one of "those days"

I'm taking my spring break trip tonight.  A couple of teacher friends and I are going up to the casino to stay the night.  Tammie got a free room for us since she practically lives up there.  We went discount shopping this morning, got a few clothes and gadgets.  I need to take a nap and pack and then we are leaving in a few hours. 
It appears Elijah has a joint bleed in his knee today.  He's going to his dad's and has a treatment this afternoon.  Hopefully the treatment gives him some relief.  He'll probably have to have one tomorrow and Friday as well.  Poor little was bothering him this morning, but I thought he just had fat knees and he was walking okay.  The babysitter called and said he'd been crying for an hour and wouldn't walk though.  He stays the night at Grandma's tonight, so I hope everything goes okay.  He just did too much walking and roughhousing yesterday.  

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