Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family and Fun

We've been very busy. My cousin Grant got married last weekend to Carmen. The wedding was beautiful! We had family come in from Colorado. My aunt, uncle, cousins, their significant others, and my mom's cousin. After the wedding we had a family dinner at Julie's house and then sat outside on my Uncle David's porch. It was a very nice time!

Elijah and I have been taking a mini-stay-at-home-vacation. We have been to the Great Overland Station, Farmer's Market, library, history museum, and Mulvane Art Museum. It's been a lot of fun and we still have a few more places to go. His favorite is waving at passing trains at the station. Except for the one that scared the bejeezus out of him when it blew its horn.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Picture Blog...4th o' July and some extras, enjoy

Elijah and Miss Harper

4th of July Celebration with the boys

Parade festivities in Julie's neighborhood