Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Oh my goodness...I think I've been busier since school ended than I was during the school year. I'm on the School Improvement Team and we've been having meetings (extra money :) ), I have my ESL classes, and in mid June I'm starting an economics class. The economics class consists of field trips to various businesses in NE Kansas, so it will be a super easy credit. I've barely touched my classroom and need to get that packed up next week. Ugh!

Elijah's been busy hanging out with his cousin. I think tonight is the first night in 9 that he's even slept here at home. Julie and Pat took Elijah and Aidan to Lake Shawnee to swim today. Elijah was too little for the slide, but he still had fun. Thanks Julie! We've been doing stuff with Elijah's friends as well. They have a date later this week.

I need to get my apartment cleaned ASAP too, but in true Jackson/Seusy form, it aint happening anytime soon! Oh well, that's why I'm single...I don't have to clean if I don't want to...

I hope everyone is well and I will check back in next week!

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