Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Long Day

Dad is back in the hospital.  He's not looking too good.  His COPD is preventing his body from releasing carbon dioxide and he's having trouble breathing.  Julie and I worried all day about whether to place him on a ventilator if necessary, but then we asked him and he decided.  He said, "It's time for this to be over," and was very clear that he does not want a ventilator or other measures taken to prolong life.  
He's stable for now, but he will likely continue to get worse, so for now it's just a waiting game.  I was at the hospital from 8 am. to 11 pm. today and Julie is still there and staying the night with Aunt Yvonne.  
Please pray for him to be comfortable and to feel okay.  I will try to keep you updated.

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