Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello All!

I've been very busy battling a killer cold for almost a week.  It's draining all my energy!  At the same time, Dad has been in the hospital and it's been decided that he's going to a nursing home from there, most likely forever.  He's actually quite pumped about it.  I think he's ready to be taken care of completely and not have to worry about things anymore.  Plus, he loves Wheel of Fortune and talking to people so I think he'll fit right in.  Once that's taken care of, Julie and I have the enormous task of straightening out his finances and finding homes for the unbelievable amount of stuff he has.  Wish us luck!

I'm also pet-sitting a friend's bird for a few weeks.  It's actually been quite easy and somewhat entertaining.  Elijah loves the bird...the bird is not so fond of Elijah.  He always moves to the part of the cage farthest from where Elijah's standing.  A few nights ago Elijah started removing one of my window screens and was saying, "bye birdie, bye bye bird."  Uh-oh!  I will have to keep my eye on him every second now.  Hopefully he doesn't figure out how to open the cage...

Only 17 1/2 days left for kids!!!  I'm so ready!  This has been a great class, but the end of the year does something to them and it's not pretty.  But then a week after that, I start my summer job, so I'll be back to spending my day with kids.  At least the kids change every week.  

Everyone have a great weekend.  Love you all!

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