Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm back!

Sorry Aunt Diann!!

Elijah and I have been very busy! All this snow is keeping my kids in for indoor recess, which is turning them into monsters. The last few weeks have been rough at school. Yesterday two different girls threw temper was carried out kicking and screaming. Sometimes I long for corporal punishment...

Elijah has been his usual entertaining self. Wednesday night he went all out with a temper tantrum as well. He was probably the worst I have ever seen him. Stomping, throwing things, screaming, crying... Lucky for him he is cute and made a full recovery by the next morning.

Some more Elijah-isms:
"You're my best friend."
"You're my best friend buddy."
"Augh! I have a fart stuck in my pants. Help me mommy! There's a fart in my pants!"
"My daddy said I can't wash my hands."
"My daddy said I can't say I love you."
"You beat me!" "Why would you say that!?!" "You walked faster than me in the hallway."
"I want to eat at Applebeens."

Spring break in 2 weeks!!! Can't wait!

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